Friday, September 5, 2014

The Ultimate Big Guy.

Today is Tim's birthday. He isn't fond of attention on his birthday but we give it to him anyway. This weekend we will be celebrating on a camp trip with old friends...and have to wear the birthday hat.
I want you to know a few pieces about our guy. Tim is and has always been an involved, present and supportive dad. I am so excited for The Littles to have him as an example and a champion for them. He is excited about the current ages of The Littles. He has made sure we have family activities we all equally enjoy and been thorough in his hopes and plans to teach them necessary kid-tasks like swimming independently and learning to ride a bike. Right now he is reading aloud to The Little Girls, the 1st Harry Potter book, they love it. Oh, and nobody recommends better books than Tim. He is a terrific librarian (not a tidy one, more like a card catalog type librarian--essentially he can pick a good new book for you just by hearing a few of your old favorites).
This house explodes into giggles the moment his car pulls into the drive at the end of the day. Littles scurry this way and that to find a hiding spot so they can "scare" him as he walks through the front door. As for me, I am excited to have my partner and best friend home after the workday apart. Once inside and settled down, everything is as it should be and all the puzzle pieces in place.
Happy Birthday Tim.

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