Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lovely Ladies.

Many dreams came true yesterday...
The Littles and I picked out eight little lady chicks to come live at The Honey Hut. This has been a bucket list goal of mine for a very long time. On our road trip to the desert last month, Tim and I had a few heart to heart conversations about our family and lives together. When we spoke about how to raise healthier children, I told him my #1 goal was to get a brood of chickens. He has been on board ever since.
Yup...those are my 1 week-old baby chicks in the sandbox, in my laundry room.

(no, she's not dead)
Our vegetable garden is happily growing and now we will have eggs from these sweet, sweet lovelies...Come Autumn, The Honey Hut is going to have a real "farm to table" experience.

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