Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Close Call.

The Little Girls ran into the house panicked Sunday afternoon. One of our little lovelies, Isabella, was very ill and the others were picking at her harshly. I immediately separated her from the others and read up on what to do for a sick chick. She was failing badly so I knew I had to act fast. The craziest thing I read, was to force feed the chick Gatorade then carry her around in a kerchief tied around one's neck. I did just that. I wore Isabella around my neck for two straight hours. Then we made her a cozy spot in a box and took her with us to my sister's house and on errands. When we got home, she was looking on the mend. That night I nervously reunited her with the brood. I am happy to report she is holding her own and thriving. I keep a close eye on her and she seems to know it, whenever I open the coup door she doesn't scuttle off like the others but instead carries on contentedly.

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