Monday, June 24, 2013

A Fun 3 Months.

Today I collected the last of my belongings from my studio on Main Street. My studio mate, Penny, is expanding her business (The Parlor) by taking on an employee so she can use the space as her office/reception and I just don't have time to travel in order to create. I need my studio here at home, in my hut. So call it bad timing or good timing, I'll call it "an adventure in trying to make time for myself", ha! I will miss being a "townie" and feeling a part of the hubbub, the light in the room all day...oh the light..., the rad hardware store below (I could spend all day there), Penny popping her head in between appointments and chatting but I won't miss any attempt at intentional and organized creating (sewing, drawing, painting, making jewelry) which for me is quite challenging. I realize more than ever how I thrive when a new idea is organic and not forced. So my Honey Hut is full again and I couldn't be happier. (Plus, I kept worrying about The Fairchild building burning down by an unsupervised candle or a kitchen fire from the pub below.)

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