Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Sweets.

Last year when Savannah finished Kindergarten, I felt a little lost. I was so happy to have my Little Sweetie home all day, everyday, but I missed the routine of a school schedule. Determined not loose our way without some sort of a daily routine, I decided we would do summer school here at The Honey Hut. I bought both Little Girls the Bridge books at their academic level and our mornings look a little like this:
9:00-Bridge Book activities
The rest of the day is free.
One day a week we go to the Library for Reading and during Art class I am teaching The Little Girls how to cross-stitch. We are 3 days in and all The Littles are thriving. The Goo is spending the morning playing outside with the water table or pretending by mimicking our activities. For Savannah, the "light" schedule is refreshing and I have seen the biggest change in Ivy...she is SO ready for an educationally based environment. I'm not a slave to this morning schedule but it is a relief to have some boundaries and a plan. And a big BONUS: neither Little Girl is asking to watch TV, ever. They are occupied but relaxed, plus very content to mother our baby chicks every chance they get.
Today we went to Savannah's best friends house to swim and play. She was so happy to be with her girlfriend outside of school celebrating summer.

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