Monday, August 6, 2012

Park City.

Hello from Park City, Utah. Our little family is celebrating one last hurrah before Savannah Jane returns to school. As you can tell from the tents in the photo (from our window!) below, we arrived during a grand art festival making Main Street crazy crowded. But now we feel like we have this charming little town to ourselves. Just as we hoped, we are spending all our time enjoying this high mountain air playing with our friends

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  1. Amy & I were there just last month. My great-grandmother used to run a laundry there and lived in a tent with a dirt floor back when it was a coal-mining town. It was also the place where folks from SLC could escape to drink, gamble, and, um, brothel-related activities. I recommend taking the Town Lift up and back for a nice view. And, of course, the slide. Have fun!