Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is the moment I finally sat on the couch yesterday, I had just put My Littles to bed and I snuggled up next to Tim. One of Tim's best qualities is his demeanor: he is rarely hot-headed. It takes a lot for him to get upset, he generally is on a slow burn for days until he either gives up on being angry or rants. When I sat next to him on the couch he was slow burning but picking up speed, aiming at detonation. He had me laughing because it is so out of character for him to plow toward combustion. You witnessed a blogged explosion.
 I have been taking a break from The Honey Hut, seeking some privacy and quieting my thoughts. Tim's sneaky post spurred my interest today in sharing a few things on my mind.
This morning while running I witnessed the sunrise, saw not a single person, smelled the first whiffs of Autumn and saw a white dove on the power lines.
I was rearranging our living room earlier this week and had an epiphany. For the first time ever, I did not arrange the chairs and sofa facing the TV (see this post). Instead the furniture is placed to encourage conversation and enjoy viewing sunsets. I wonder what percentage of Americans arrange furniture to better view the TV? The most comfortable space in our homes is the place we detach from what brings us the most joy in our lives...our family. Hmm...
It didn't take a Hoarders show to push me into my latest, just this article.
I know my sights are set high (5 people living in a smallish house with very little closet space/lack of organizational space, me and my emotional attachment to sentimental objects and constant rearranging/redecorating, not being the daughter of Martha Stewart, etc.), but I am determined to live "lighter" and try, try, TRY to de-clutter.

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