Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Three Year Itch.

It seems every three years I get an itch. A decorating itch, that demands to be scratched. The last itch came in the form of plaid curtains and chenille slipcovers. Two weeks before The Little Girls' Party, I lost my mind to a new itch. This itch included but was not limited to;
painting tv cabinet
wall mounting the TV
changing all wall art
sewing curtains for three windows
making all new pillows for couch and chairs
painting 8 dining room chairs and dining table (2 coats oil-based paint)
reupholstering 8 dining chair seats
creating an "art-cafe" for little girls
Tim and Jared replaced my ugly oak dining room floor, with a new white floor!
Here is the big reveal, that is, unless you've already been over and seen it.

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  1. It all looks so lovely- or course I'm a huge fan of the curtains, but I think my second favorite is the "art cafe" for the girls. :) And the mantl looks so perfect in your dining area- the floor's fab too. Thank you for letting us "disturb the peace!" It's a haven up there that you have. xo