Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She's Five.

Today is Savannah's birthday. Time has passed so quickly since the day she was born. While some parents can't wait for their children to graduate to the next stage, I want time to stand still-for her to be this age forever. I'd even appreciate some time travel to the past. I dreamt of Baby Savannah last night. She and I were visiting my friend Txus in Spain. The Spaniards thought she was a funny American baby. Feeling her the way I did in that dream and seeing her pudgy face well, I missed her baby-ness.
 Happy Birthday Sweets.


  1. sweet sweet beautiful pics & memories *sniff* - love to Savannah & eat some goodies @ Freeport for us- it's too close not to stop ;)

  2. happy birthday, Savannah! (i feel the same way about Kaylee...they are just growing up way too fast!)