Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look Familiar?

Michelle? Andy? Jennifer? Any other former student or faculty member of EAS?
Yesterday while playing "Mrs. Botting-Art Teacher", I forgot to pack a substantial lunch. Fortunately, there is a hot lunch program at the school and so I walked both physically and mentally down memory lane towards the kitchen. My first two years of teaching I bought hot lunch every day. While on most days the meals were delicious, they also were my main meal of the day (seconds, please!) and so I packed on the obligatory Freshman Teacher 15+. One day in early April 2004 while eating this same meal, I had an epiphany. That afternoon was the first day I ran "the loop", just under 3 miles. The next morning I packed a lunch and the rest has been my regimen. I still run "the loop" 6 days a week and I try very hard to stay away from food that looks like the above photo. I thought about all this yesterday while I was eating the first egg roll. All the sudden the congealed sweet and sour sauce tasted more sour than sweet, and the oily residue on my fingers weighed down my hand and forced an emergency air drop straight to the Styrofoam plate. I ate the orange instead.

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