Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Bash.

Because The Little Girls' birthdays are a short 6 weeks apart, I do party for both of them on the same day. Saturday was their Birthday Party.
Our Best neighbors and sweet friend.
The Master BBQ'r.
I made this pinata. The Little Girls LOVED it.
The Little Boys helping with the gifts. Hey, everyone loves a Princess.
After an exciting day.
Thank you to all our guests, I wish our friends far and away could have joined us. I thought about You, Jen. And You, Angela. And many more. Thank you to Deeds, (you are a ROCK STAR!), Leilani and Shannon for your help!


  1. Thinking of you guys too, as Kaylee's birthday is coming this week! Happy birthday to those sweet little girls! And I love your new header photo!!! love and miss you!

  2. I know it's so much work getting this party put together- but I really do look forward to it all year. (If only the girls would not grow up). Thanks for the smashing good time