Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sweetest Thing.

My day started off badly yesterday. I woke up from a rotten dream about not being prepared for my classes. I was so worried about "Missing Marv", I couldn't think straight here at home in order to get ready calmly for the day. When I did get to school, it took me an hour to set up for the day's classes; butcher paper on the tables, a pencil, paintbrush, paper, paint and a rinse-water cup at each workspace. My first class came in rudely, 28 fifth and sixth graders. Within 10 seconds all the butcher paper was on the floor, water and supplies flying everywhere. I lost it and sent them all outside to wait while I cleaned/set up again. The second time they came in, a six-grader stepped on my toe, splitting my toenail in half and tearing it off. PAIN. I kept it together and made it through the hour until my little ones came-the first and second graders-with their "Teacher this" and "Teacher that". One darling little girl sat in the back playing with this note, she had made it for me and shyly waited until I made my way to her desk.

Her eyes lit up while she explained her drawing and told me how much she loves Wednesdays. Instantly my day was turned around. It's okay to have favorites, right?
Oh and by the way, guess who made her way home?
That's right. Marv's back!

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