Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Friends.

This Morning at 6:00...
Tim: "You know what would make this weekend perfect?"
Me: "No."
Tim: "To spend it with Tom and Jen."
Me: "Yeah, it is just so easy to have a great time with them."
Tim: "I miss them."
Tim is a man of few words. But those few words convey truth and deep meaning.
This compels me to write a letter...

Dear Tom and Jen,
We miss you.
We realize now that we took your Seattle days for granted.
If you lived there now,
we'd ask to meet you in Oregon for the weekend.
Love, D & T
P.S. We should arrange for these kids (and us kids) to play together as soon as possible!
In other obvious news, Hudson is yummy-cute! I can't get enough of him.
Yesterday he put a spell on me...and Savannah.

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  1. ...and we would SO meet you in Oregon! :) We love you and miss you lots too...and you can bet we have spent a good portion of our day looking at airfare!