Monday, December 22, 2014

The Little Girls' Surprise, Part 2.

After making such darling little outfits for the little mice, I knew I needed to create a space for these special dolls to live in. I found wooden treasure chests at a craft store, painted the exterior black, the interior a blush color and glued in a closet rod. I put trim as crown molding around the base so that if the girls stand the treasure box on end, the box becomes a closet on the left side, and a bedroom on the right. These photos were taken before the final paint touch-ups.
I bought some copper wire at the hardware store and made sweet tiny hangers. It took a few mess-ups before they turned out just right.
Then I made a mattress set!! I wanted to use this French linen ticking I've had stashed away, then I added some more modern prints, colors and to finish off? a cashmere throw I fashioned out of an old sweater of mine to make the bedroom set just right. These boxes are already wrapped and under the tree and so I didn't take a final photo of the bedroom in which I attached a wall hanging- a little decorative chalkboard just above the pillows. The Little Girls can choose to write whatever they'd like on it. Also, I painted little steamer trunks to go with each mouse you know, for when they travel. I will post a photo of the whole set up after Christmas.
Both mouse houses.
And TA DA!!!!
This is Savannah's.
This is Ivy's.
The finished project.

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  1. Oh my goodness! So adorable! You are amazing! Love it!