Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Quick Spill.

I've been absent from this space recently because I am busying myself with Christmas projects and getting the flu and cuddling My Littles to sleep, then promptly falling asleep myself instead of getting up one last time to start the dishwasher. I usually write a post after The Littles are tucked in and have stopped getting up for a drink/potty/blow of the nose/one last kiss. Except I am likely to fall asleep before they do and so this space goes unattended.
Last weekend we watched a favorite movie of mine, You've Got Mail. There is a scene in the movie when Kathleen Kelly is looking over her depressingly vacant children's book store, remembering happier times when she and her mother would twirl in the empty spaces between bookshelves. Viewing this scene for the first time with Littles, my own heart lurched forward. I have, in childless times while viewing this movie, attached my happy motherhood pinch-me moments to this scene. The first time I saw this scene in this movie, I made a promise to twirl with my own child(ren) and then added a few other pinch-me moments to my bucket list. One of those pinch-me moment items was to hand make a special gift for my daughter(s) or son. And so just after that scene I decided then and there: it has to be this Christmas' gifts to The Littles. And so that is what I am working on late at night or during school hours or in Art Parliament. I will share soon, must finish first.

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