Monday, December 29, 2014


I made a few cross stitch families as Christmas gifts, would you like to see?
The Potters. Pinga, Nala, Amani, Krista, Kevin, Wrenna, Sheda and Bear.
The Sattlers. Jackson, Jenny, Jared, Hank, G-baby.
The Grafs. Lucas, Angela, Ricardo, Addie.
The Morris'. Cracker, Batty, Luxen, Tara, Jeremy, Olive, Frank, Georgia, Lily.
The Sattlers. Sylvia, Lucy, Dan, Mollie.
I ran out of time. As it was I was finishing this last one on Christmas Eve. I wanted to do more and then finish with my own family's. I'm not sure I am ready to pick up the embroidery needle this week to finish by the New Year. My favorite thing about this gift is how much time I get to think about each person and animal I am stitching. It is lovely to really reflect on a friendship or relationship while creating. A nice little kickback to the gift I suppose.

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