Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Little Girls' Surprise, part 1.

So Hutters. Shhhhh..... this is what I've been working on for The Little Girls.
I bought them each two little mice dolls, and then...
I made a delicious mouse wardrobe X 2!!!!
I made 6 dresses, a sweater dress, a cashmere trench, jeans, a cape/poncho, a scarf, 2 leather handbags (with tiny leather wallets!!!!), 2 oversized leather bags, 2 pair of "Ugg" sweater boots, 7 necklaces, 2 pair of mittens, and not pictured because not yet finished...2 tutus. All the sweater fabric is reuse from my own closet. I wanted to sew myself into the project and make it more meaningful. So the cashmere and stripped knits were previously worn by me.

And the best is yet to come, yep...there's more fun! But not finished yet...stay tuned!

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