Monday, December 15, 2014

Shhhh...Some Progress.

Hi Hutters,
I'm still busy making gifts while tending to sick Littles and trying to rest up myself. This last month Goo has been wearing a "cape" I made quickly by tearing an old t-shirt and safety pinning it to his superhero shirt. His desire to have a flowing cape undoubtedly a result of watching Nacho Libre twice in one weekend. I love the handmade cape but I know what a kick he would get out of a real superhero cape. And so yesterday Tim took the kids for a bike ride and I stayed home to whip out a spiffy new cape for Grady.
The photo isn't any good but I like the way it turned out, guaranteed to flow just as he wishes his old t-shirt cape would. I know the satisfaction of the potential flowing this cape will achieve because I ran around the house 2...ok, 3 times to make certain proper flowing ensued.
I can't wait for Christmas morning, he will love it.

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