Monday, June 2, 2014

Pets With Pre-Existing Conditions.

The other day Ivy caught a blue belly lizard at Olive's house. It was super fat and so we figured it had just eaten a big meal or was pregnant. At home an hour later it started laying eggs. I checked the internet to find out what to do with this lizard. Did you know they can lay up to 17 eggs? Uh, no thanks.
See the egg? When she started getting nuts again in the bowl we were keeping her in I rushed down to the garden and released her in the cabbage patch.
Sunday morning long after I had opened up the coops, there was a crazy sound coming from the backyard. This lovely...
is a ROOSTER...disastrous. Taylor was my favorite pullet-almost-hen. I'm still a little in denial but now that we know he is most definitely a rooster, several things about him totally make sense. I made a few half-hearted inquiries about a new home for him, spoke to my closest neighbor about potentially rehoming him (which she thinks is ridiculous, says she doesn't mind us keeping him) and then last night he somehow broke off a good third of his beak! Blood and tissues everywhere, poor guy. He is a mess. He didn't crow today, either I figured out a way to delay the racket or he is hurt pretty good. I think we will see how it goes, I'd like to keep him. I'm calling him El SeƱor! Tim is going to loose it...

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