Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chicken Post.

It seems my tolerance limit for rooster crowing is 1 week. Yesterday I called a local chicken supplier and asked if he would try to re-home our rooster El Señor. Luckily El Señor is a gentleman and because of his beauty, sweet nature and handling he should be a good candidate for reselling.

It felt fairly awful to give him up and because at the time he wasn't making that alarming sound, I called Tim just before I left the house to convince me to go through with it. The Littles were sad, giving up a pet is hard.
Since I was down a hen, The Littles picked out a 12 week old Americana to join our flock of "Babies". Meet Clara. She has yet to be welcomed into the flocks good graces, she is after all 6 weeks younger than the rest. And she is terribly frightened. There is definitely a big difference in chicken manners and friendliness when children hand raise chicks, I hope she will become more comfortable with us as time goes on.

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