Thursday, June 5, 2014

Art Memorial Concert.

Last night was really special. Great music, a student art show, a room filled with loved ones and caring hearts all created a night to remember. My Mom was an artist and she had big dreams to inspire children to pursue a life of creativity. When she died, donations in her memory came to the school (El Dorado Adventist School) I grew up in/taught at. We call it the "Patty Sattler Memorial Art Fund". The community was so generous, we the family knew we could do big things with the funds. Last night's special event was a long time in the making. We knew we wanted a concert, a display of the students' artwork and a way to grow the memorial fund. My friend Lupe (the art instructor at El Dorado Adventist School) approached me with the idea of having a Christian Vocal Group give a performance and the students have an art show, judged and awarded by us family members. She kept me apprised of the details and pulled it all together. Faith First is the vocal group who performed, their harmony and message was inspirational. We asked for a love offering/donation and the audience gave $5,718! Every cent goes directly back to the art programs at the school. I am humbled by the outpouring of love and support and overjoyed to see such dear friends all in one place. Admittedly I was very preoccupied with the program and set up and so I didn't take any photos of the students' artwork. Their talent and hard work was inspiring. If you were there with me last night, thank you.

And my Mom's grandlittles sang a tribute song in her honor. "Blackbird" by the Beatles, one of her favorites. Thank you Sydney, you played your guitar beautifully.  

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