Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life In The Kiddie Pool.

Yesterday I promised The Littles a swim but couldn't conjure up the energy to drive to the lake. By late afternoon we were all regretting my failing miserably. I took them down to the garden to pick for dinner and we filled up the pool our sweet neighbors lent us as a water supply for the bees.
They started off slow, fresh water from the hose here is so cold. Then after I took away all dead floating bugs, Littles refreshed themselves splashily.
Izzie dug out from under the upper fence in order to join us. This Pug doesn't like to swim but we enjoyed her audible "Ahhhhh" when I placed her in the cool water. Now the kiddie pool is a hit and I don't get any grief from tending the garden while they are occupied.

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  1. Your kids really enjoy splashing in the pool! I think the lost promise of taking them to the lake has been paid off. Haha! That being said, I think it’s way better to let them splash in your backyard than letting them go to the lake. For one thing, the backyard pool is safer, and it'll be easier to monitor things there.

    Matt Grant @ Pool Service Perth