Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Day Of Kinder.

Today Ivy, my little red, graduated Kindergarten. Her teachers put on the sweetest little ceremony, complete with a tear-jerking poem and a group song from the students. Ivy was so proud to be surrounded by her classmates and supported by family. 
 Her audience.
 Receiving her diploma from Mrs. Trilevsky.
 Family cheering her on.
This is The Morris Family; Tara, Jeremy, Luxon and Olive. Olive and Ivy are girlfriends and in the same class. We are so thankful for their friendship. Goo and I have enjoyed many school mornings playing with Lucky and Tara while all little girls were in class.
 Goo and Hank debriefing.
Proud Mama.
This sweet lady is Mrs. Trilevsky. She is Ivy's Kindergarten teacher and is the most patient person I have ever met (I mean super unnaturally patient), her kindness and genuine sweet nature are incomparable. She is so organized and thorough, juggling all her students differences and needs. Her family is relocating this summer and so it is with thankfulness and relief that I say I am quite delighted Ivy had the opportunity to have Mrs. Trilevsky as a teacher.

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