Monday, May 5, 2014

A Girl Date.

On Saturday The Little Girls and I, Krista and her Little Girls went downtown Sacramento for brunch and bees.
These sweet friends...I couldn't be more pleased with how well these The Little Girls care for each other.
We had an appointment to pick up 2 hives worth of bees, the excitement in the bee shop was just as I imagine a beehive feels. Here was our first introduction to our bees.
The round lid is a jar of sugar water also traps the bees inside the box, the thin metal strip to the right of the jar is the hanger for the queen's box (you can see all the bees want to be right beside the queen, she is their compass and the nerve center of the hive). She is held separate from the other bees until we release her by pulling out the cork, stuffing the cork space with marshmallows and then hanging her box between frames in the hive box. The worker bees eat away at the mallows until they release her inside the hive (it takes about 3 days, meanwhile the workers also start building comb).
Krista and I with our Beauties, happy and proud. We can't wait to set them up in their new home.

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