Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This weekend we spent quality time with good friends close to home. We went to The Potter Family's Silvertip Ranch. Evenings at their property are sublime. And while Tim worked yesterday, The Littles and I went to a pool party of some dear friends here in town. I made whoopie pies and deviled eggs.
So The Babies aren't babies anymore. These chicks sit here on the deck above their coop in the evenings, I scoop them up and put them to bed. They act like they hate it when I hold them, especially Tiny the white Americana (and the largest of all), but then the next day they do the same thing.
This is the last week of school. While I am excited to have The Little Girls home with me for the summer, I am also soaking up as much one on one Goo-time as I possibly can.  

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