Friday, May 2, 2014

Bits And Pieces.

Welcome to the weekend, Hutters.
Savannah brought this alligator lizard home from my dad's ranch. "Alli" spent two days at The Little Girls school, one day in each class. Then we let that freaky creature go. Savannah has been in tears about how much she misses her dear pet.
I found quite a few of these bees dead at the bus stop. This one still had her stinger and her front legs were folded in prayer.
This is how I find my Lovelies often, waiting for me at the slider. I noticed them laying there a good half hour before I took this photo.  
I bought a dying cactus at the dollar store a week ago. Today it is full of the most fancy neon blooms.
Goo and Savannah were having the sweetest snuggle yesterday morning. I want to put them in a bottle and keep them this little forever.
Ivy's potatoes are up! And though she promises she will never eat them unless I make them into fries, she is very proud of their progress.

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