Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dress Up Chicks.

Tim's Mom stayed the weekend with us, we had such a fun visit! On Saturday morning, she told The Little Girls how she and her sister used to dress up their bantam chickens in dolly clothes when they were Little Girls growing up is rural Australia. My Little Girls wasted no time. They promptly ran to the toy box to pick out dolly clothes, blankets, jewelry and their baby carriages, then ran out to the garden to catch Isabella and fix her up.
And Ginger too.
Just in case you ever thought my comment previously about us having a "farm to table experience" meant I intended to raise these chickens as meat or table birds let me just clear up that confusion right now. These Lovelies are our pets. The Little Girls have named them (Almond Cake, Alma, Ginger, Sofia, Beatrice, Gracie, Wrenna and Isabella) and we play with them daily. They will grow old and gray with us. We only intend on eating their precious buttery eggs.

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