Friday, July 26, 2013

A Recipe For The Weekend.

Hello Dear Hutters. Aren't you ready for the weekend? I surely am. I hope to get a lot done here at home and yet I hope to do nothing at all (not my personality, so highly unlikely). On tap for this weekend; yard work and new larger garden planning, reconfigure chicken/yard situation (my dad's dog Mollie broke into the nest box the other night and now PUG is starting to chase my lovelies too...ugh),
make this recipe

which I found on my camera roll twice and weeks apart, can pickled jalapenos-these babies take tacos, burgers and hot dogs to a higher level of enjoyment and have dinner tonight at a new friend's house (I made a fresh peach crumble pie).
I had planned on showing you a sneak peek at my kitchen today but I am waiting on an essential custom wood trim piece from local craftsman so this is my hold-up. I'll likely have everything done by next week. 
Whatever it is you are up to this weekend, I wish you happy.

I can't stop thinking about this tree in a friend's backyard. Giant Sequoia=Nature's way of bragging.
I went to see Penny in my old space on Main today. It felt good to see her in this space she has so lovingly cared for since she took it over. It is perfect and things couldn't have worked out better.

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