Friday, July 19, 2013

Dirty Secrets And Time Machines.

Here's the dirty oven. Until 5:30 this morning it was disgusting. I haven't cleaned it in an embarrassingly long time. I'm sorry if you've ever witnessed my dirty oven (Jenni, so so sorry!) but you know what I am realizing? My best cleaning takes place after company leaves. Maybe because I try to imagine what my house looks like through the company's eyes? I don't know why but listen, if you ever come stay with me and you are worried about cleanliness, come directly after I've already had company over. Maybe give me a day or two in between, it's your best bet. I will likely be frazzled and not making much sense but the coffee will be good and your surroundings, tidy (again, Jenni I apologize for the em...mess).
I've made several sizable mistakes with our kitchen makeover. Ugh. Just ugh. Two of those mistakes I made because I ignored the feeling I should wait or stop. Both times I was incredibly tired and in a hurry to reach an end point and in each situation something crucial to the project broke. Immediately after the smash and shatter I screamed in horror, berated myself and intensely desired a time machine to go back and wait or stop before the crisis. I always wish for a time machine, always.
This photo has nothing to do with anything, just Littles playing at a cool light-table at the library.
Two prints I picked up at the thrift store this morning for a $1.50.
I received a REAL letter in the mail today from Faith. I'm going to frame it. Was there a time when a letter was less personal than a phone call? If so, I am here to tell you things aren't always what they seem. This handwritten note was more touching than any phone call I've received in a measurable amount of time.
Happy Weekend.

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