Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning Solitude.

(this morning's quiet=baked banana bread)
My morning routine here at The Hut has changed since we've become pet owners. Izzy is ready to be let out somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00. My lovelies need to stretch their wings and catch those worms come sunrise. I have to say, getting up at sunrise has always had a romantic pull on me. Those early morning feedings with My Littles in years past were so peaceful and quiet. I miss those mornings and sweet snuggles but now I crave a little early morning solace for myself. To start my day with a cool run after attending to the pets, to come home to a sleepy house and start my coffee, unload the dishwasher in silence and on my own time. These tasks/chores wake me up excited for a new quiet morning. When The Littles wake up, I am fresh and happy, ready to spend the day with them. Some days I hobble sleepily back to bed after letting out PUG and the chickens and while I'm sure I've needed the sleep, I spend the rest of the day wishing I had been up with the sun. 
Oh, and the peach pie? Just like my Mom used to make it...delicious.

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