Monday, May 20, 2013

The Bright Side.

I spent most of last week crazily prepping and planning for my first crack at hosting book club only to end up postponing it due to a most unfortunate case of the stomach flu. I had cleaned and filled the house with flowers, planned a menu and grocery shopped...ugh...
I did however get the most rest I have had in a long time thanks to Tim, my hero, staying home from work Friday and even completing my volunteering hours at Savannah's school. I must say whenever I get a cold or the flu, my biggest worry is not the fever or cough, vomiting or headache. It is the managing three kids and caring for them while I am feeling shitty. I am relieved a great deal if Tim is ever able to skip work so I can get some rest.
On Saturday and Sunday my energy came back bit by bit and we spent most of those daylight hours working in the yard and garden.
While I am disappointed the anticipation of Friday night's expectations were a major let down, I am grateful for a relaxing weekend here in our haven of a home and for the gift of time; time to take care of myself and time to heal.

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