Friday, May 24, 2013


You Guys, I'm hosting book club tonight and I'm a little nervous. I've been trying to be really low key about the party after last week's disappointment but now I'm a bit on edge. Plus not many of these ladies know me very well and so I guess I'm letting them "in" which puts me in a vulnerable weird space. Anywho, what are you up to this long weekend? Do you go away for Memorial Day Weekend? Have a barbecue? Go to the lake? Camping? We typically have very quiet long weekends because of The Shop, Tim works the weekend because of the holiday sale. However we will keep busy because of tonight's party, The Little Girls' Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony and having a little picnic with friends. But mostly I am looking forward to reading in the hammock while The Goo explores the yard and accumulates copious amounts of dirt in his shoes and pants. 

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