Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Palm Desert Part 1-Lazy Days Routine.

Our days in Palm Desert revolve around swimming. Because the first part of the week we had unseasonably cool weather, we enjoyed the activity center's playground and mini golf in the mornings.

When the sun did break through the clouds in the afternoon, we spent as much time at the pool as we could. Savannah is now an independent swimmer so she gleefully enjoyed the water slide pool where all the lifeguards knew her by name. Ivy was brave enough to try the slide while sitting on either Tim's or my lap, we all cheered The Little Girls over and over. I have no photos of the slide. I was quite preoccupied with The Goo, who has no respect or fear of the water and thinks he is part fish. 
Once we are all waterlogged and starving, we head back to the condo to rest up, eat and watch The Littles dance and play on the lanai.
After dinner and when the golfers have retired, we head out for a night walk. The cottontails and lizards are out, the crickets and the palms sing in the wind. Unfortunately we had limited night walks on this trip to the desert because I was actually quite sick with Strep Throat. Tim was a great sport and took all three Littles to the pool so I could get some uninterrupted sleep.  
My favorite time of day in the desert is dusk. The Littles run around crazy on the 17th hole and the air is sweet and cool. 

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