Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Book Club Update.

Friday night's book club was great fun. It started out slow with just a few ladies then at the fullest point in the evening there were 12 of us. My last guest left at 2:45am, my neighbor Kristina. Yes it was a very late night made even later because I just couldn't go to bed with all those dishes in the sink and dirty glasses on every surface. But the hour after Kristina left was a great time of reflection for me. I love this book club and feel so lucky to have been invited in the first place. I am relieved however, to have a year's time to recover from the stresses of hosting. Oh...and I had on display a few pieces from my Dad's taxidermy collection (this is funny if you have read the book); two raccoons, a coyote, opossum and a bobcat. Oh the reactions and laughs...

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