Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The Antique Fair in my town always falls on the last weekend of September. Before Savannah's party on Sunday I took myself on a morning date to treasure hunt on Main Street. I loved the above staging at one vendor's booth, very pioneer/gold panning-ish, pegging my old town perfectly. 
I fell hard for both of these oil landscapes but thought they would be expensive so I stood in front of them for quite some time, the vendor saw my hesitation/longing and quoted me $5 per painting. I quickly threw a ten in his hand, sealing the deal. I am still on an "antiquing high" from this bargain! 
This one makes me think of Palm Desert and the memories we've made there with our Littles.
And speaking of Littles...Look at Hank-opatomus! He is such a precious lovey. His smiles melt my heart.

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