Friday, October 19, 2012

Fire House Fieldtrip.

Yesterday morning Savannah's class walked down the street to our local fire house.
We took a tour of the bay (the garage) and the fire fighters' living quarters (so tidy!).
After a little excitement with the ambulance being called away, we got a thorough tour of Engine 21. 21 weights in at over 44,000 lbs and hold thousands of feet of fire hose as well as some of the most impressive tools I have ever seen. 21 is washed two times a week and waxed once a week.
Each firefighter has to have mad math skills, there is a dry erase board on the side of these gauges with what looked like complicated math equations. Also, firefighters carry on the engine piles and piles of fire/water resistant tarps used to prevent a home owner's flooring and furniture from ruin.
Firefighters must be completely outfitted in one minute.
Savannah getting her chance with the fire hose.

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