Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Old West.

Just outside Sonora, California is the former Gold Rush town of Columbia. The central part of town, Main Street, is a California State Park. Our friends Jay and Stephanie just recently relocated to Sonora and took us on a day trip to Columbia. You park just aside from Main Street, there are no motorized vehicles allowed. All the shopkeepers dress in period costume and sell souvenirs of the Gold Rush days. The Saloon and Hotel Restaurant are fully operational (Sarsaparilla anyone?). Just in case you can't visit Columbia (though I highly recommend you do, especially for the sake of your Littles), here is a photo walk down Main Street.
Our group pictured in front of the Wells Fargo & Co. Stagecoach Express.
The Hotel.
The Hardware Store and Chicken Coop behind.
Rocks where Gold was found.
Columbia's Fire Wagon.
The Black Smith.
The Bowling Alley.

Dipping Candles.

This guy was legit. He hung out in the Saloon, smoked like a chimney and was all around awesome. The highlight of our trip. We kept waiting for another cowboy to challenge him on the windblown street. This park is such a great family experience and the entire trip My Littles were learning about a piece of California's history. I kept thinking, this would be great place to have a wedding.

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