Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Memories.

Typically for my Mom's birthday I buy a bundle of flowers and place them at her grave. This year I wanted to do something different in remembrance of her, something I think she would have done or enjoyed. My Mom loved working in her garden (we once had a cat who would climb up my mom's leg, lay down on her back while she was bent over weeding and fall asleep!). So Goo and I went to the nursery and purchased two fruit trees for The Hut. I was a little late at the nursery for the peach trees I was hoping to buy so instead I picked out a kiwi vine and a fig tree. They don't look like much right now but in the future when I pick this fruit from these trees for my Littles on my acre, I will think of the wholesome life my Mom created for her Littles in her garden on her acre.

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