Thursday, April 3, 2014

Right Now.

This post is meant to be a future inspirational touchstone for me to look back on and draw strength from. Amen.
The sunsets here at The Hut are really incredible these last few days. The sky is the clearest and air, crispest after this early Spring snow. I have so many projects coming up regarding the acre here. So much hope and excitement.
Tim asked me the other day, "When you think of retirement later in life, are you excited?" I answered quickly without putting any thought into my words at all, "No! Because if I'm retired, The Littles have grown up and we aren't doing exactly what we are doing right now. And I love life right now." And then as our conversation went on and I reciprocated the question and he replied how excited he is for retirement, I started thinking about what I had said. And yes, I'm sure retirement will be grand. My Dad loves it and I know Tim's parents are really going to enjoy their new freedom immensely but I love everything about right now in my life even moments like yesterday when all three Littles were crying at the same time about some ridiculousness they went to battle over or when I am physically and emotionally spent from their care and needs. Still, right now, this is the very best. I have everything I'll ever need and want, right now.
p.s. Remembering my Mama today. It would have been her 62nd birthday.

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