Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hutters. I am completely ruined by a project I've been working on and so today my friend Krista saved me by suggesting a hike at Jenkinson Lake (Was she tired of supplying liquid inspiration/sympathy? Maybe. Regardless, she is a gem at pulling me away from madness).
The Littles (hers and mine) were very creative with littered beer bottles on the shoreline. They recycled these bottles as a water source for the dam and village below, yes...we packed them out.
There were a tremendous amount of ladybugs, a few crickets and an alligator lizard missing it's tail just waiting for Littles' prying eyes and stick-poking. We saw a bald eagle but these Littles acted like that nonsense was old news (oh country bumpkins and their everyday type ho hums...).
Savannah and The Goo took liberties with the mud and clay, fully  indulging in it's slimy and gritty qualities. Ivy was proud to be "clean as a mouse", which I think might mean the opposite of what she was trying to communicate.
So a morning/afternoon in the sun, aside the most peaceful of waters is really the best medicine and exactly what we all needed to nearly wrap up this Spring Holiday.

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