Friday, March 7, 2014

Worm Farming/Vermiculture.

A few Saturdays ago I took a class offered by the Master Gardeners entitled: Worms and Worm Bins. I wasn't overly excited about sitting through this particular class and was even more annoyed when I couldn't bring my coffee into the lecture hall but after 10 minutes of presentation, I was hooked. My friend Krista has had a worm bin for some time now and uses the castings or vermicompost on her ornamental plants. Another girlfriend Tara had been telling me about an article she read about Worm Bins and so we made a date and decided to become worm farmers. Vermicompost is a nutrient rich, organic fertilizer for gardening. I get really excited when I think about the benefits of vermicomposting here at The Hut, and I am a few months away from any real change but here is what I am thinking: outside of the obvious reason I have for worm farming (NUTRIENT RICH ORGANIC FERTILIZER!), The Hut now has another way to break down refuse in this house=no garbage. We already recycle whatever we can. My Lovelies get all the table scraps they will eat minus citrus, coffee grinds, garlic, onions, egg shells or fats and meats. Worms eat what the chickens won't (citrus, coffee grinds, garlic, onions, egg shells) aside from meat. So really, the only "trash or garbage" we will have here is meat (which we eat very little of anyways) and The Goo's diapers. So essentially the only thing trash in this house will be diapers. I've got to get organized about the sorting of all this but you know what? I am very excited about less waste.
Tara distributing worms.
Teaching The Littles.
Luxen loving his worms.
Olive, Ivy and Savannah.
(thanks for the photos Tara)

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