Monday, March 24, 2014

Making Things Right.

Last Thursday I picked up Ivy at the bus stop and as we walked home she started telling me about how a boy was scaring her on the bus and so she and her friend got down on the floor and hid from him. She said Mrs. Nelson didn't like it and got her and the friend in trouble. I was upset Ivy was riding unsafely on the bus and very glad Mrs. Nelson caught her and put an end to that danger (I may have gone into dramatic details about what could happen to her if the bus crashed or how her actions put others in danger). But I wanted Ivy to make it right, I wanted her to take responsibility for behavior. I told her she had to write an apology letter. She cried. And yelled. And then had a tummy ache. Then she begged me not to make her do it. But she did write the letter and when we walked to pick up Savannah at the bus an hour later, she gave the letter to Mrs. Nelson.

The next morning while walking Ivy to her classroom, Mrs. Nelson thanked Ivy for the note and making it right. She said "I don't get to many notes like yours." and then really quietly so just Ivy and I could hear, "Like never."
Ivy was so proud.

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