Monday, March 3, 2014


Chicka is sick. I think something is stuck in her crop. I've been hydrating her with water and olive oil, feeding her yogurt and cottage cheese, massaging her neck, wearing her tied to my neck -- all suggestions I've read on chicken-lover forums and discussion groups. At this point only time will tell if she can pull through. Worry is occupying my mind.
How was your weekend Hutters? What are you looking forward to most about this coming week? My weekend was easy and fun. We spent time with family friends, I enjoyed a girls' night out with book club (we read this, so SO good), My friend Tara convinced me to do a long run with her (8 miles!), I went to a gardening class and we spent family time here at The Honey Hut. This week, I am looking forward to the rain which is buying me some time to plot out and plan my next steps towards putting up the garden fence. The amount of work needed to be done plus the lack of knowledge/time it takes to learn equals a very large sum of puzzles and second-guessing. My hope is to have post holes dug by the end of the week. Happy new week ahead!

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