Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So this is the progress on the new garden site. Many years ago the previous owners terraced fruit tree boxes on the acre. Over time the land has shifted and what once was level is now a gentle slope, likely due to water run off. In order to plant my garden in North-South rows (thank you Master Gardeners classes!), I need to level the garden site.
This is proving more challenging than I hoped, The Hut sits on a lava cap (enter local winery jokes here). What I hoped I would finish in a few hours will likely take me the next three days to complete. Balancing this with a cranky Goo is a juggling act.
Last week's MG class on "Soils" encouraged gardeners to love their soil and it will love them back. If true, harvest is going to be amazing.
Oh look, only this much more to go...

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