Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mini Vacation.

While our guys have been in Florida, my sister-in-law Jenny and I took our Littles to San Francisco. Our Littles are artsy, so we took them to the Children's Creativity Museum. They loved it. The space is perfect for all ages. The Animation Workshop and Music Studio were a bit above our age range but our Littles were in heaven playing with clay, dress up and exploring the Imagination Lab (even the baby boys, Hank and Goo, could do this). But please, if you don't like to stay on top of your kids discipline-wise or want to create with them, then perhaps this isn't the place for you (or at least don't be surprised/annoyed/upset if another parent steps in and teaches your kid a lesson or two in manners/sharing/not dragging your baby down the slide by the neck of his shirt). Oh and don't you dare forget to ride the carousel if you go (2 looooong rides for $3).

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