Monday, January 21, 2013


we're back. I knew The Little Girls were leaving this flu behind when Saturday morning they woke up with energy enough to make the largest fort ever. Every pillow and cushion beneath this hut's roof was put to good use. And you know, it was down right HOT inside that fort. While the sniffles and coughs still linger, all fevers and whining are a distant memory. I am happy to report only spotting and discarding less than 15 used tissues today, HOORAY!
And The Goo is back to his usual silly self.
I knew he turned a corner when he loaded up his "trunk" with his lovies and favorite toys. This kid is going to need a man-bag/backpack/m-urse when he gets older...he has so many treasures he can't part with and he knows exactly where he last put them (channeling Savannah at his age).
I am so looking forward to a healthy, happy week. But I will admit, it was lovely having Savannah home from school and with us here at home. I am not looking forward to making up the homework/classwork she missed, but we are all happier when we are together. Without her here during the weekdays we feel her absence and anxiously await the end of her school day. Cheers to a new week of happy kids (and a happy mama too).

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