Monday, January 28, 2013

Come What May.

(My favorite time of day; whenever The Littles sit down and play together. Here they are playing Silly Fun House.)
The Little Girls have the future all figured out...
When Savannah is President, I will live with her in the White House. She needs me to cook her favorites and snuggle her when she has had a hard day.
When Ivy is a Cowgirl, she will need me with her at all times to love on her and kiss her owies. Also, she will not be having children because it hurts too much.
They've both decided: if I need to be with one more than the other, Tim can fill in for me. No mention of Goo and what he might need. But as you can see in this (poorly focused and badly lit) photo,
Goo isn't worried about future stuff. He's still trying to figure out if he wants to be like Daddy or Mommy.

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