Monday, July 16, 2012

4 Conversations.

Savannah: (in backseat of the car, chin quivering.) "Mommy, imagine how unhappy Daddy will be when he finds out Grandma treated us to a gift."
Me: "I'm sure Daddy will be fine. He knows that Grandma is in charge when you stay at her house. If she wants to treat you, she can."
Savannah: "But Daddy specifically said that Grandma can't get us any toys and we took my dollar from the Tooth Fairy to the Toys R' Us to see what we could buy and Grandma held my dollar while Ivy and I chose a toy and I love this toy but I am nervous about Daddy being mad."
Me: "Daddy knows that treating is part of being a grandparent."
Savannah: "Will you talk to Daddy so he won't be mad?"
Me: "I will. And Daddy will be fine."
Savannah: "I'm just so nervous..."

Me: "...Yes, I got you each a dress."
Ivy: "Eeeeek! Wait, I hope mine doesn't have bows on it because I do NOT like bows."
Me: "You don't like bows? Any kind of bows?"
Ivy: "No. You didn't get me bows, did you Mommy?"
Me (now knowing why she wears 20% of her clothes 80% of the time): "no." 

Me: "Did you eat all your banana?"
Ivy: "Hm mmm. Actually I just magicked it away."

Ivy (sad voice, in bed but calling out to me): "Mommy, I just can't stand it without Grandma here."

Today my Dad is in surgery to remove his cancer. Yep, he was diagnosed in March and even though we've known his is curable and he hasn't been sick, nothing makes a person more frightened and anxious than their last remaining parent getting a diagnosis like cancer. So today I am counting my blessings and thankful my Dad's recovery is right around the corner.

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  1. These convos are so, so sweet. I love the thought that Savannah is so nervous about about making her daddy upset. What sweet girls you have :)

    Saying a little prayer that your Dad's recovery is quick and that he's surrounded by love and support during his recovery. :)