Monday, March 14, 2011

Miss Molly Mae.

All thirteen pounds of this sweet 8 week-old Bull Mastiff are pure love. Dad and Sylvia have a new ranch dog, one who is sure to steal our hearts just as her predecessor did. The moment I stepped inside her puppy kennel she crawled up on my lap and buried her head under my armpit, where she stayed for quite a few minutes. Do you believe dogs have a sixth sense? I get the feeling from her she knows there is a baby growing inside of me and this feels safe and protective (I'm probably reading too much into it). I love puppy clumsiness. Her back legs have a mind of their own and pay no attention to what the front half cares to do. Business up front, party in the back. Miss Molly Mae is the perfect 'puppy fix' for us; all the love and fun The Little Girls can imagine without all the work. We'll enjoy her puppy-hood while we can, this dog is going to be big.

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