Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy Smokes!

 At some point this winter our gas fireplace experienced a fire in it's chimney. The result of this ignition is black exhaust throughout our house, affixed to metal objects and cold surfaces. We were told that this exhaust was in fact Carbon Monoxide/soot, very difficult to remove or clean. In the last week we've met with our insurance agent, a restoration company and a fire investigator. We have been living with one source of heat (a wood-burning stove, by now we are expert fire starters!) now for over a month while the wild outside continues to provide freezing wind and snow--way too much snow. This week is looking up, we will have a new beautiful heater installed and hopefully get the cleaning process underway. The clean up is extensive, a company comes in and will clean and degrease every surface in the house. They will put our "contents" through a smoke extraction process and clean floors. Then the sealing and painting begins. I hadn't anticipated my Spring Cleaning to be so thorough nor did I want to start decorating from scratch before Baby B is born. Don't get me wrong, I am excited and up to the challenge...just feeling a bit of a time crunch. Soon our house will not smell like campfire and neither will we.

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